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Mike Sullivan

Editor, Writer, & Post-Production Specialist

"The hell with the Photographer. It's all about the Cutter."

      - David Lean

Truth. Let's say you've got the most beautiful and cinematic imagery. Shot by the world's best photographer using the finest camera and lenses money can buy. It's still only pretty pictures without an Editor.


Editors sit in dark rooms for days and days and days. Putting together different combinations of pictures, sounds, and words to tell stories. I've been doing it for more than twenty years.


Arrows in my quiver include green-screen compositing, color-grading, graphic animation, sound design, audio mixing, and more. Every project is different and each requires a unique approach.


My work can be seen in museums and visitor centers across the globe. For nineteen years I was Senior Editor at BPI and I worked on projects for clients like The National Park Service, The Smithsonian Institution, The Mob Museum, The American Heritage Museum, The University of Illinois, The New York Power Authority, The Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, The Civil War Museum, and The American Battle Monuments Commission.

I've edited a large variety of shows. Everything from 10-second web videos to 60-second commercials, half-hour documentaries, multi-screen immersive theaters, and a 360-degree narrative documentary.


The written word has become another passion. I've written or co-written many documentary scripts and I've published several non-fiction articles about films and filmmakers. In 2018 I self-published a novella called "The Bugs Come Out At Night."


2019 —1st Place Documentary, National Association of Interpretation

“Beneath the Plains:

The Minuteman Missile On Alert”

2019 —1st Place Multi-Media, Mountains and Plains Museum Association

“Beneath the Plains:

The Minuteman Missile On Alert”


2019 —Worldfest/Houston

International Film & Video Festival

Remi Special Jury Award International/Political Film 

“Beneath the Plains:

The Minuteman Missile On Alert”


2017 — NAI Interpretive Media Award 2nd Place/Short Video “Meet the Missileers”


2003 — MUSE Award, History & Culture/Video

“Civil Rights/Civil Liberties” and “Ike: Celebration”


2002 — Beacon Award, Local Programming/Series

“New England’s Greatest Sports Moments”


2000 — Boston/New England Emmy Nomination, PSA/Promotional Editing “Composite”


1999 — Boston/New England Emmy Nomination, News Promotional Announcement

“Tracking Your Teen”


1997 — Boston/New England Emmy Award,

News Promotional Announcement

“Death of a Princess”

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